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Dewy Summer Skin

Photo via Glossier Because it’s that time of year to toss your foundation and opt for a lighter version. As we approach June and the weather is getting warmer and warmer each day, no one […]

Some Entertainment For Your Friday Night

As inspired by Into The Gloss: Sheet mask test. As the seasons and your body start to change, so does your skin. This little test helps you to distinguish where on your face you are […]

Do You Filter Your Shower?

A question to get you thinking: we filter our water we drink so we don’t intake the toxins, why wouldn’t we do the same to the water we clean ourselves with? Well, when you’re extra […]

My Face Hurts

Because I’ve been slacking (but for a hopefully understandable reasoning). My friends, it is happened. Never have I ever, had cystic acne. *puts fingers down* Game reference ha, get it? Well, I hope so. Anyways, […]

The First Monday in May

With the Met Gala happening tonight, *screams in excitement* let’s take a look back on my favorite looks from last year while we prepare to “OOOO” and “ehhh…” over 2018’s looks….. Starting with the one […]

Eat What You Want, When You Want

A starter’s guide to intuitive eating. As summer comes closer and closer (based on the recent 80+ degree days here in New York, it may be here already), this is the time when most people […]

For Acne And Wrinkle-Free, Clear Skin…

Now that we’ve talked about vitamins for your overall health, let’s take it back to beauty and talk about the supplements that benefit your skin as well as your overall health. Whether you believe it […]

“You’re tired? Vitamin B!” “You have a cold? Vitamin C!”

Are you taking supplements daily? Check out to see which you should, and shouldn’t be taking.

Stop Napping, Turn Off Your Netflix

Because sometimes it’s easier said than done. Hello again, Jacquie here. Just writing as I try to mentally prepare myself for the boxing class I signed up for tonight that I cannot cancel without paying […]

I Bet You Didn’t Know This

Because everyone needs some acne quick and fun facts in their lives… On Allure’s Instagram story today they shared some quick and interesting tips for acne that can actually be quite helpful, so here I […]