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Why I’m Making Earrings My 2019 Accesory

There’s something about a subtle but statement making piece that puts a little pep in your step. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the effort to put into an outfit or even makeup when […]

Because Everyone Needs A Fresh Start, You Know?

2019 is the time for a fresh start and even though nothing immediately changes when the clock hits 12, it’s a great reason to give yourself to try and make improvements where you see fit. […]

The Basic Closet Essentials You Need ASAP

When it comes to getting ready in the morning, sometimes putting effort into an outfit just isn’t an option. With these key pieces, your morning will go much smoother (it terms of getting dressed at […]

Why I Shop For Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

When you’re shopping for personal care products, it’s likely that although most people prefer to shop for products not tested on animals, you just assume that they are safe for use, when that isn’t necessarily […]

Keep Fashionably Warm This Winter

It’s already freezing, thanks a lot climate change (curse you non-believers). Yes, it snowed wayyy too early this year and some hated it, some loved it. On the other hand, switching from fall to winter […]

The Basics on How to Actually Wake Up

Because it’s getting cold out there, and you want your warm bed. Photo credit: Donia Sarelli It’s that time of year where the weather is getting colder and everyone values a few extra minutes in […]

Why I’m Skipping Turkey This Thanksgiving

Every day, people consume meat products without a second thought, pushing out of their minds the terrible treatment that these animals endure. As Thanksgiving approaches, this leads us to the turkey industry. Every single year […]

Dewy Summer Skin

Photo via Glossier Because it’s that time of year to toss your foundation and opt for a lighter version. As we approach June and the weather is getting warmer and warmer each day, no one […]

Some Entertainment For Your Friday Night

As inspired by Into The Gloss: Sheet mask test. As the seasons and your body start to change, so does your skin. This little test helps you to distinguish where on your face you are […]

Do You Filter Your Shower?

A question to get you thinking: we filter our water we drink so we don’t intake the toxins, why wouldn’t we do the same to the water we clean ourselves with? Well, when you’re extra […]