Is Streetwear the New Luxury?

Is Streetwear the New Luxury?

Sneakers. T-Shirts. Hoodies. Baseball caps. All of these are common things that you are worn every day. Regardless if the event is casual or formal, everyone’s finding a way to slip in a bit of edge into their outfits.

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When you think of streetwear, you probably think of skateboarders. Both hip-hop and skating can be seen as inspiration for this trend that’s seeming to be pretty permanent. Everyone is waiting for the next sneaker release or Supreme drop to get their dose of these new luxury items. Individuals look to influencers such as A$AP Rocky or Bella Hadid for inspiration on how to merge this aesthetic to their everyday style.

Brands that following this aesthetic are growing in popularity amongst the fashion crowd, as well as others. For example, Givenchy has always incorporated streetwear into their shows since it can be seen as their style, so it is incorporated every season. The only real difference between these items are where it’s made and who’s making it.


There are brands such as Thrasher will sell a hoodie for $70 or Vetements for $1,150. Now that’s a crazy price difference… Mainly the difference that you are paying for is the name on the label, as well as the materials used. Sometimes it’s worth the extra money, but not in all cases especially when that extra money is a different of almost $1100.

The high demand for this streetwear leads to high demand to streetwear blogs, such as Hypebeast. Brand name company’s see this high traffic and see the potential benefit to them. If these companies were to work together, the traffic going to the blog, could potentially lead to click through links to a brands website. This then generates them revenue and increases their site visits and overall business.

The number of high fashion brands that are featuring streetwear in their collections is growing. It is almost as if they’re doing it better than these skateboard/rap/streetwear in general brands (besides the price tag that’s definitely not so pretty to everyone *cough* “me” *cough*). Collaborations between brands such as Louis Vuitton and Supreme have fans going crazy to get their hands on it.

Personally, I can’t get enough of the streetwear aesthetic. I love wearing comfortable sneakers, a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt and be comfortable while also fashionable. PLUS there’s a million different accessories that can be added to really dress up the look however you want to add your personal touch!