The Robe Life and Why You Should Live It

The Robe Life and Why You Should Live It

I’m here to talk to you about something important. Something that show be followed by everyone. I’m talking, as important as the laws that our society follows today.

Here you are. January. Freezing cold. You want to take a shower but are hesitant because of the cold air that will attack you once you leave that cloud of steam and warm water that’s been keeping you safe.

I have your savior:

Terrycloth robes.

Even when you’re just laying around your home and feeling a bit chilly, a terry cloth robe will be your best friend (especially when paired with a some nice fluffy slippers!!!). And I’m here to tell you why.

These robes consist of a woven fabric, which is typically 100% cotton, with long hoops designed to be able to absorb more water. Knowing this, you can ditch your bath towel all together after the shower unless it’s for your hair. This absorbency allows for the robes to grow stronger when wet, unlike most fabrics that become weaker.

Another perks of these many long loops is that it brings comfort and warmth to the wearer. Aka, put on this robe and you’ll be instantaneously comfortable as heck.

This fabrication can also withstand hot water without being damaged, as well as bleach and other detergents. It doesn’t shrink so you don’t need to worry about the dryer either.

After these physical perks, there’s also the relaxation perks.

After a long day of work, especially during the winter, toss on this bad boy and let the relaxation begin. I can’t even begin to describe to you the level of comfort and joy this kind of robe brings me when I’m feeling drained.

My favorite way to relax? Terry cloth robe, face mask on, and a good book. Lighting a candle or turning on an essential oil diffuser can also help to lighten your mood!! Here’s a picture of me at my happiest wearing my robe 🙂