Let’s Take It Back to the 90’s

Let’s Take It Back to the 90’s

You were probably crying in your crib if you were even born during this time, instead of being able to thoroughly enjoy these shows, but here’s your time for redemption.

Ahhh, the 90s. Even though I was only alive for 4 years of this time period and had no idea what the heck fashion was since I was, ya know, a baby…. learning about these iconic shows and the influence that they’ve had on fashion today, is always so exciting and interesting to me.

Although the 90’s were some time ago, you can see the decade’s influence on fashion everyday. Most looks or outfits these days are inspired from that time, but what really makes these looks what they are, is the way they were taken down the runway.

Why you should care:

There’s history behind everything. History tends to repeat itself. If you want to be on top of the most current trends or beat others to it, you should care to know. Also, these shows and looks are just breathtaking. Even for those who aren’t very “into fashion,” will enjoy both these pictures and videos as they are just that amazing and entertaining.

Also why you should care:

Cindy Crawford. Naomi Campbell. Kate Moss. Christy Turlington. Tyra Banks. Stephanie Seymour.

Check out the videos to these shows through the link in the brand’s name!

Versace Fall 1991

verscae fall 1991

Alexander McQueen Spring 1997 RTW (just wow)


Alexander McQueen Spring 1999 (never enough McQueen)


Perry Ellis Spring 1993 – this got Marc Jacobs fired


Gucci Fall 1995


John Galliano Fall 1994 RTW – career-making collection


Maison Margiela Spring 1996 RTW


Spring 1998 Couture Christian Dior – WOW


Versace Fall 1992 RTW


Mugler Fall 1995 Couture


John Galliano Spring 1995 RTW


Fashion was so fun in the 90s… what happened? Is the takeover of fast fashion to blame?