You’re Harming Your Skin By Doing This:

You’re Harming Your Skin By Doing This:

I’ve had preeetty clear skin for a while now. My obsession with skincare and everything that comes alongside it began a few years ago. Ever since I can remember, even before I graduated from the CVS aisles, and began my journey down the skincare world in Sephora, I’ve always exfoliated. What I’ve always done differently than everyone else in this beauty-loving world, is that I’ve always exfoliated every morning and night. *Cringe* … I know….

Cleansers like Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit and Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Facial Scrub, were my holy grail products. On top of that I also LOVED Clearasil Ultra – Rapid Action Pads.


Just about anyone else’s skin would become so irritated with the use of a collaboration of both of these products, but for some reason, mine did not. Seeing no blemishes and just clear skin, made me continue on this secretly damaging routine. After my venture into the Sephora world of more advanced/luxe skincare, I noticed different effects. It was after a year or so and after I began using Korres Rose Facial Scrub, that my skin became very oily from this routine.

Being that it is recommended to exfoliate 2-3 times a week, I became suspicious of where all of this oil was from. I tried to stop the exfoliating, but began to be covered in white heads, which made me go back to exfoliating daily once again, but instead with a gentler exfoliating cleanser that was meant to be used daily each morning, but I instead used it both day and night. The amount of oil in my t-zone decreased, but didn’t subside.

It wasn’t until I posted in Into the Gloss’s Facebook group asking about my question that had never been answered, where I discovered another user who used to exfoliate the same amount as I, who stated how her esthecian took one look at her skin, and noticed how thin it was and told her she had to stop ASAP. Her skin went through a transition phase where she was constantly getting white heads (similar to what I experienced). This scared me, making me both hesitant and eager to stop.


After incorporating Dermalogica’s Precleanse into my routine, and switching over to Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, while exfoliating every other night, I immediately noticed a decline in the amount of oil being produced by my skin as well as few pimples that have popped up in this “transition stage”.

And then, problem solved. My skin is finnallyyyy normal.

I swear it’s the Precleanse that has made such a distract difference on my skin since I have started using it. So yes, this is another post with me obsessing over this product and the difference it’s made for me.


Whenever you are uncertain about a step or product in your routine, it’s best to find the answer, instead of continuing…. Take me for example. Continuing to over-exfoliatie can really damage your skin and make you more prone to wrinkles!

Also, chemical exfoliants shouldn’t be used very frequently either, or will have the same/similar effect (thin skin and irritation). Chemical and physical exfoliation shouldn’t be used at the same time either!