Because Sometimes Life Just Hits You In The Face

Because Sometimes Life Just Hits You In The Face

Have you ever had a morning where you wake up and spill your coffee, then you miss your train or are late for work, and it’s just a domino effect of bad things? If so, this post is for you.

You may catch yourself believing that you are unhappy with your life at the current moment. That could be your health, the people around you, school, or just stress in general. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you attract the energy that you are giving off. Therefore, if you are being negative, you are attracting more negativity and bad energy. In order to make a successful change to any or all of your concerns, you must set yourself free from these daily-stressors.

“This process of letting go what no longer serves you is truly the first step in a total life makeover.” MindBodyGreen

Be gentle with yourself because nothing comes easy. This change will not take place immediately, but instead over time as you remove the toxins from your life. And as you remove this toxins, you are freeing up space to bring in new, positive energy. Practice pausing your negative reaction to any given situation, and taking a second to find the positives and focus on those. What are you getting out of being so negative? Absolutely nothing good or helpful.

When you start to take charge and controlling your thoughts, making positive conscious thoughts, you will begin to realize your negativity and how often these thoughts are trying to take over.

At any point in the day, take the time to watch your breath. You can download an app such as HeadSpace, to help you focus. As you do this, concentrate on solely this. Clear your mind of all of your thoughts. This time is when you have the opportunity to insert your affirmations and mantras. An affirmation or mantra is a short and powerful statement that lets you be incharge of you. These are the thoughts that create your reality.

“Meaning when you feel good, the universe sends to you more reasons to feel good. When you feel healthy, the universe supports your health. When you feel loved, the universe will send you more love. When you feel wealthy, the universe sends you more money. When you feel joy, the universe sends you more experiences that will make you feel joyful.” MindBodyGreen