I Bet You Didn’t Know This

I Bet You Didn’t Know This

Because everyone needs some acne quick and fun facts in their lives…

On Allure’s Instagram story today they shared some quick and interesting tips for acne that can actually be quite helpful, so here I am, doing my good-deed for the day and spreading this knowledge with you. I’m also adding in some other ones because you know, the more knowledge the better (skin)!

For those of you in a panic over approaching acne:

“Don’t immediately try and dry out your blemish before it has reached the surface. Dead skin acts as a trapped door, locking the infection under your skin, which can lead to irritation.” Allure IG story

For all of you with a bottle on hand:

“Vodka can work as an emergency drying agent when you don’t have your regular spot treatment on hand.” Allure IG story. I would definitely recommend one with no sugars or anything of that nature that could potentially lead to even more acne. Stick to the plain (and terrible) kind!

When applying spot treatment…

Apply at night and “use a wet Q-Tip to wipe away your nighttime products from the infected area, and apply the spot treatment directly to the skin.” Allure IG story

For when your blackheads keep you up at night:

“Shari Marchbein, a dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine, says they may not actually be blackheads at all. “On the nose, blackheads are often mistaken for simply enlarged pores — which are genetically predetermined and for which little can be done to truly change this” RealSimple

Some more motivation to get that mini fridge:

“Applying chilled eye creams and face masks will constrict blood vessels and help decrease redness and swelling (something your eye cream may already be doing but could be doing better). The same rule of thumb applies to anti-itch creams and aloe: Your skin can’t process itching, burning, and cold sensations simultaneously, so pick cold and be done with it. Also, anything organic, natural, or otherwise formulated without preservatives should go in the fridge, too. The lower temperature will help to prevent rapid expiration while slowing bacteria growth.Into The Gloss