Stop Napping, Turn Off Your Netflix

Stop Napping, Turn Off Your Netflix

Because sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Hello again, Jacquie here. Just writing as I try to mentally prepare myself for the boxing class I signed up for tonight that I cannot cancel without paying for it. (Literally though, they’ll charge me for not going…) Good thing the atmosphere at Overthrow Boxing in Brooklyn – pictured above – definitely helps for motivation.

I’ve been taking a break from exercising since it hasn’t exactly fit into my schedule. Schoolwork on top of interning on top of starting a new job on top of just plain, wanting to hang out with my boyfriend instead, I haven’t gotten myself to the gym. BUT, it’s all caught up to me these past 2 months, so here I am, getting my butt back in the gym. Or trying… I should say.

The trick is to start out easy. You can’t just jump back in where you left off or else you’ll make yourself more prone to injury. You can work yourself back there, but in time. Everyone wants to rush results but it’s not realistic. Pace yourself and don’t focus on how fit you used to be. (Keyword: USED to be) Patience is key here, it’ll also help you to be less stressed if you just breathe and let it come in time.

Some tips are:

  1. Get enough sleep – because… every reason in the book
  2. Exercise in the morning – you’ll have more time for things after work/school
  3. Don’t aim for perfection – patience is key
  4. Don’t follow trendy diets – make it a lifestyle
  5. Find an exercise you enjoy – that way you’ll look forward to it

So eat your greens and try to stay away from the sweets, drink your water, I don’t know about you but water is easily my right hand man. After all those, GET TO THE GYM. You’ll feel better inside and out, I promise.

2 thoughts on “Stop Napping, Turn Off Your Netflix”

  • I totally agree with you. Also being a woman of a certain age. Over 50. But who’s counting. Its harder and harder to stick to a routine. So ladies in addition to the advise given her. I say remove the word “ diet” from your vocabulary. Life changes like Jaq suggest is the best way to live our lives. Remember. Be the BEST you. That you can be. Together we will be better with Jaq advise also.

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