My Face Hurts

My Face Hurts

Because I’ve been slacking (but for a hopefully understandable reasoning).

My friends, it is happened. Never have I ever, had cystic acne. *puts fingers down* Game reference ha, get it? Well, I hope so. Anyways, like I said, I have never in my 21 years of living gotten one of those painful b*tches we call cystic acne. Until now.

I am still unsure of what brought along this unwanted and unpleasant visit to my skin, but it hurts. Bad. I mean you touch one of these and you can expect a sharp pain you feel in the entire region. And better yet, I didn’t get one of these, but multiple. See below:

Yes, it doesn’t look so terrible because that was a few days after using Differin every night to help them go away, I just couldn’t stand to take a picture of it at it’s worst. Plus, you wouldn’t want to see it anyway.

So, let’s talk about Differin. This is an acne treatment gel that is the one and only OTC topical retinoid treatment that is available. Sounds great right? I thought so too. Ha, wrong.

A few days later and this is what my face looks like post washing:

I do have Rosacea, but these splotches were BURNING and beyond dry and itchy after using Differin for about 4 days. Pictures don’t do this irritation justice.

My skin is irritated beyond belief, any product I try to apply immediately burns and itches. I’ve switched to a calming cleanser and just moisturizer; no toners, no serums, no nothing.

So, while I discontinue my use of Differin and wait for this to subside, I’ll be icing my face and MAYBE just maybe, I’ll apply an oatmeal mask to ease the pain.

I’ll be back later in the week with some info on topics that are NOT this, in an effort to distract myself, being that this is driving me nuts!