Do You Filter Your Shower?

Do You Filter Your Shower?

A question to get you thinking: we filter our water we drink so we don’t intake the toxins, why wouldn’t we do the same to the water we clean ourselves with?

Well, when you’re extra like me, you want that extra clean, clean. Now, this could seem like a lot I know, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Why would you want to wash yourself with chlorinated water and whatever other toxins hang out in your pipes?

Let me explain.

The benefits:

Bacteria that could make you sick, hangs out in your shower head.

If you’ve ever seen that film that hangs out on your sink or around your drain, that hangs out in your shower head too. “Biology Professor Norman Pace of the University of Colorado held a study that concluded: 60% of the shower heads tested contained bacteria and microorganisms, the most prevalent being Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen that can cause pulmonary disease.”

More chlorine enters your body through inhalation during a shower than drinking tap water.

When you shower, your pores soften as we skincare junkies use as a time to pry blackheads out and just an overall better absorption of products. Now, think of it this way: that chlorine? Yeah, it’s soaking into your pores, leading to dryness, irritation, and inflammation.

It’ll cause your skin to age faster.

That dry skin, irritation, and inflammation can lead to premature wrinkles as well as skin discoloration. And it does the same to your scalp, leaving your hair feeling dry and frizzy with breakage. Plus, think about the money you may spend on products trying to reverse these effects! (A lot, if you’re like me.)

It can even cause cancer.

We filter our drinking water in order to avoid these chemicals and pollutants, but it can be even more harmful when absorbed through your skin or inhaled when they are released into the water during showers. The accumulation of these compounds can result in various types of cancer.

Shower filters are an easy and relatively inexpensive step in improving you and your family or roommates or pets or whoever else you live withs overall health. And why wouldn’t you want that? You may not directly notice the effect chlorine has on you during or after showers, but these chemicals effect each and every one of us on a cellular level.