Keep Fashionably Warm This Winter

Keep Fashionably Warm This Winter

It’s already freezing, thanks a lot climate change (curse you non-believers).


Yes, it snowed wayyy too early this year and some hated it, some loved it. On the other hand, switching from fall to winter isn’t a harsh of a transition as summer to fall. People often forget to stock up on essentials to keep them warm during these harsh months. Don’t overlook the necessity of each, or you may find yourself running to the nearest store during the next snowfall to pick some up.

Layer a turtleneck

Throwing a thin turtleneck on under a jacket is a quick and easy way to warmth and a great add-on to an outfit, (not all outfits of course). You can add a turtleneck under a sweater, a blazer, or even a dress to get an extra layer of warmth, I recommend a thin one, like this ribbed turtleneck top.


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Throw on a puffer jacket

They’re all the hype right now, and super cute so we understand why. They’ll keep you warm and looking good simultaneously. I like Everlane’s ReNew line because they’re all made from recycled water bottles. Helping out planet one puffer at a time.


Everlane ReNew Puffy Puff – $160

Pick out some corduroy

This material is making a comeback, and is the perfect winter fabric. It’s thick and soft so it’s sure to keep you warm in the freezing winter temperatures. Plus, they come in all colors, so there’s one for everyone.

42897488_046_d (1)

BDG Color Corduroy Mom Pant – $59

Keep it warm with a scarf

Essential to every winter wardrobe, scarfs can be worn as an accent piece while keeping your neck and even face (make sure to wash it frequently if you do this) from the wind and chilly temperatures.


Rainbow Striped Scarf

Keep these in your bag at all times, gloves

The totally underestimated essential winter piece that will help you tremendously. You can even apply hand cream before putting on gloves to make sure your hands don’t become dry or crack. I like the convertible style since it makes it easier to do small tasks with gloves on like literally opening your door, easier.


Convertible Gloves

Don’t forget beanies

Keeping your head warm in cold weather is key to avoiding sicknesses. A head cold can start when your head is cold. Ha, get it? Okay I’m done, but check out this cute and casual warm beanie you can wear all day, or just for commuting purposes.


Rory Rib Knit Beanie

The epitome of warmth, boots

To me, when my feet are warm, my whole body in warmer. And vice-versa for coldness. Getting thick socks to wear with your boots or even just boots with warm lining makes all of the difference.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.01.03 PM

Sherpa-lined Chelsea Boots in leather