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Do You Filter Your Shower?

A question to get you thinking: we filter our water we drink so we don’t intake the toxins, why wouldn’t we do the same to the water we clean ourselves with? Well, when you’re extra […]

Eat What You Want, When You Want

A starter’s guide to intuitive eating. As summer comes closer and closer (based on the recent 80+ degree days here in New York, it may be here already), this is the time when most people […]

“You’re tired? Vitamin B!” “You have a cold? Vitamin C!”

Are you taking supplements daily? Check out to see which you should, and shouldn’t be taking.

Stop Napping, Turn Off Your Netflix

Because sometimes it’s easier said than done. Hello again, Jacquie here. Just writing as I try to mentally prepare myself for the boxing class I signed up for tonight that I cannot cancel without paying […]

Because Sometimes Life Just Hits You In The Face

Have you ever had a morning where you wake up and spill your coffee, then you miss your train or are late for work, and it’s just a domino effect of bad things? If so, […]

A Touch on Self-Care

Because everyone should practice this. I want to start by saying how self-care is different to everyone. It’s more than just a face mask, it’s how you love and take care of yourself on a […]

“Is There Cheese in That?”

It all started after consistent stomach aches during my daily commute to NYC, after eating a yogurt on the train in the morning… Why was my stomach killing me each time? I’m not talking a […]

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Whether you have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with or not, you deserve some you time. Taking time to unwind can help alleviate your stress as well as boost your wellbeing. After this somewhat rough […]

How to Keep Yourself In-Check This Semester

As the new semester approaches, anxiety and stress builds over just the thought of it. How does one fit in class, internships, and working all at once? How can you do well with so much […]

The Robe Life and Why You Should Live It

I’m here to talk to you about something important. Something that show be followed by everyone. I’m talking, as important as the laws that our society follows today. Here you are. January. Freezing cold. You […]