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Because Sometimes Life Just Hits You In The Face

Have you ever had a morning where you wake up and spill your coffee, then you miss your train or are late for work, and it’s just a domino effect of bad things? If so, […]

A Touch on Self-Care

Because everyone should practice this. I want to start by saying how self-care is different to everyone. It’s more than just a face mask, it’s how you love and take care of yourself on a […]

“Creative Director”

Yellow industrial tape belts, binder clips, and a figurative play on words… Will Louis Vuitton go from LV, to “LV”? No, the likely answer is no. BUT, with Virgil Abloh appointed the new creative director […]

Tossed In The Trash Like Week Old Leftovers

We live in a time where we think that quicker is better. Everyone is all for convenience, and getting to the finish line as long as possible. But, why? Why rush instead of taking proper […]

I Tried To Avoid You For So Long…

It’s 2014, and I’m in a crowded room of people. “Is it hot in here?” Everyone looks at me confused… Why is my face on fire and bright red and no one else’s is? Fast-forward, […]

You’re Harming Your Skin By Doing This:

I’ve had preeetty clear skin for a while now. My obsession with skincare and everything that comes alongside it began a few years ago. Ever since I can remember, even before I graduated from the CVS […]

“Why Do I Look Like A Chipmunk RN”

For those who know the struggle, you know.

“How To Treat Yourself Every Day This Week” – My Take

While casually scrolling through my favorite blog, Into the Gloss, I stumbled upon “How To Treat Yourself Every Day This Week,” which is Or Gotham’s take on how he maintains his sanity through a crazy […]

“Is There Cheese in That?”

It all started after consistent stomach aches during my daily commute to NYC, after eating a yogurt on the train in the morning… Why was my stomach killing me each time? I’m not talking a […]

Precleanse, Doublecleansing… How to Really Clean Your Skin

You all know you’re just waiting to stumble upon that miracle skincare product that changes the game, and I’m here to help your journey come to an end. Meet: Pre-cleansing oil. All jokes aside, my […]